April 10 2018  |  Industry News

Tech giant Google to meet travel retail at exclusive June event

By Mary Jane Pittilla

Jan Hieronimi, Industry Manager, Retail at Google Germany, will speak at the Global Shopping Forum, which will take place in Hamburg on June 7

Tech giant Google has partnered with the annual Global Shopping Forum, which will take place at Google HQ in Hamburg on June 7, 2018.

Jan Hieronimi, Industry Manager, Retail at Google Germany, who spoke about the power of data for the travel retail industry at last year’s event in Vienna, said: “We think we can play a role in showcasing how digital in general, and Google tools specifically, can support the different business models. That’s why we are partnering with the Global Shopping Forum.”

This year’s event is themed ‘Google Meets Travel Retail: How to bridge the digital gap between travelers and the travel retail industry’.

Hieronimi hopes this exclusive event (limited to just 100 delegates), will jump-start Google’s co-operation with the industry.

“We want to share exciting cases from travel retail players across the world, and inspire the industry to think about how Google might be able to help their business. We hope we can increase the level of co-operation with the travel retail industry in the future,” he said.

According to Hieronimi, for a long time the industry has been all about offline, but that’s slowly changing.

“It is encouraging to see many players are now experimenting with digital tools and investing in digital capabilities,” he noted. “London Heathrow, for example, has used Google Cloud to develop its Heathrow Airport Guide. Many airports now invest in platforms to measure store traffic or store transactions. We have also seen many retailers testing click-and-collect solutions for their shops.”

That said, there’s so much more digital potential, he added. “Consumers today take a complex path towards their purchases, and there are a number of instances, called micro-moments, where digital plays a role across this path,” explained Hieronimi.

However, travel retailers are not present for all of these moments, he observed. “That’s where we see a lot of potential for the industry. By targeting travelers even before they go on their trip, then geo-targeting them as they arrive at the airports and spend time on their mobile devices as they wait for their flight, we are certain digital can help to drive travelers to stores,” he said.

“We have seen this work very well in other industries. Retailers can inspire users using display ads or video ads, or by showcasing products and prices when users search on Google. All of this helps with getting more consumers into the store.”

Therefore, retailers must show up for these micro-moments, stressed Hieronimi. “It’s about being present, showcasing your offers or products and telling your story. It’s also about catering to the new consumers who have become more demanding about what they want from retailers. They still expect a great product, great service and knowledgeable staff, as they come better informed than in the past.”

At this year’s exclusive Global Shopping Forum, Google will address vital questions, such as: Can digital help to make your business model more sustainable? Can digital help you reach travelers during moments in their path to purchase? Can digital tools help you to get a better understanding of the customer journey?

Other topics to be covered will include:

1. Business Model & Infrastructure: How to leverage technology to future-proof your business.

2. Reaching Travelers: How to engage with your audience through smart platforms.

3. How to understand the consumer journey and optimize your digital strategy for maximum impact.

4. Best practice case studies of airports and brands using multichannel solutions to bridge the gap between travel retail and travelers.

5. Interactive workshops with Google experts.

Delegates attending the event will also get inspiration from speakers and industry peers from leading airports, brands and travel retailers, such as L'Oreal, GebrHeinemann, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Vienna Airport, Coty, Travel Blue, Hugo Boss, Z-Zoom and Maui Jim.

For details, see www.global-shopping-forum.com. To reserve a place, contact c.moor@global-shopping-forum.com.

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