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Zamora targets travel retail with new packaging and more

By Wendy Morley


Spanish wine and spirits company Grupo Zamora is strongly tied to the history of its preeminent brand Licor 43, a brand that recently celebrated its 70th birthday. Licor 43 has been extremely strong in duty free. The Americas region has been especially strong, with double-digit growth overall and some airport activations netting +80%.

Grupo Zamora’s original brand and the one that continues to have the most potential for growth, Licor 43, launched a new-look bottle late in 2015

Subhead: Spanish provenance

The company’s Spanish origin has given the opportunity to offer unique new products and packaging, including duty free exclusives.

At last year’s IAADFS show in Orlando, the company introduced the non-dairy cream liqueur Licor 43 Orochata, with taste and packaging inspired by the traditional Horchata recipes of Valencia, made with tiger nuts and softly spiced with cinnamon.

Licor 43 Orochata, the brand's first innovation in 70 years, continues to show incredible success

“Orochata is performing far beyond expectations, and is now 14% of total Licor 43 volume,” says Antony Kime, Director, Global Duty Free for Zamora. “We expect this will taper as we get closer to full distribution but we are exceptionally happy with consumer take up.” Licor 43 Orochata is still rolling out to new countries.

Zamora’s Spanish heritage will soon be on display in a duty free exclusive. “Licor 43 'Made is Spain' initial roll-out will be in early October exclusively with Dufry, and then all other customers from Janurary, 2018,” says Kime

Grupo Zamora’s Spanish heritage offers marketing opportunities such as this GTR-exclusive limited edition “Made in Spain” bottle

While the company’s Villa Massa limoncello is not of Spanish origin, it too will soon have exclusive packaging, currently under wraps. “Villa Massa 'La Dolce Vita’ packaging will launch in April, 2018. Both packs look really great and will stand out on shelf brilliantly vs our competitors.”

Subhead: Growth in wines

Rodolfo Bastida, Technical Director and General Manager of Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, in the vineyards

Wines have had an interesting place in travel retail. Considering the ever-increasing popularity of wines globally, they have been given very little shelf space in airport stores. But that finally appears to be changing as retailers are realizing the value and perhaps brands are learning more effective approaches to customers and consumers.

Grupo Zamora’s portfolio includes the most popular Spanish winery Ramon Bilbao. Kime says the key to increasing wine sales in the travel retail channel is the same as increasing sales of spirits: “Gift boxes are fine, but they’re not a long-term solution,” he says. “We need to create excitement around wine. This means investing in travel retail exclusives and liquid to lips via consumer tastings in airports.” Kime believes there is plenty of opportunity for wine stores in airports similar to the whisky shops found currently. He does find some retailers are investing in real estate for wines. According to Kime, a number of travel retailers are recognizing the opportunity in wine and therefore increasing shelf space and visibility.

The success of Ramon Bilbao in travel retail has the same source as its success overall – liquid to lips

Kime also sees opportunity in partnering with other Spanish brands. Recently Ramon Bilbao partnered with a Jamón company for a successful activation.

Subhead: Continued expansion

According to Kime, the company’s biggest goal over the next year or two is to continue with its global expansion. “Asia-Pacific and the Americas offer the largest opportunity for growth,” he says, for wines and for the company’s main liqueur brand. While liqueurs are growing globally at a rate of +3%, Kime says Grupo Zamora’s brands will see a growth far outpacing that, with Licor 43 offering the greatest opportunity.

Visit Antony Kime, Director Global Duty Free for Zamora, at booth M67 in the Green village.

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