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Stoli holds a series of announcements in Cannes

By Wendy Morley

In 2016 the Luxembourg-based Stoli announced its acquisition of two brands, KAH tequila and Bayou rum. This year the company appointed a new Global CEO, Hugue Pietrini, and a new, International Marketing Director, Frances Gaillard.

In Cannes, at an event hosted by these two executives, the company announced that it had created a new super-premium tequila, Cenote. This will be on shelves beginning in the first quarter of 2018. Stoli Group will handle all distribution, sales and marketing for the brand, which is being produced at Fabrica de Tequilos Finos, located at the foot of Tequila Hill, in Jalisco, under the supervision of master distiller Arturo Fuentes.

Cenote Tequila takes its name from the spectacular limestone cenotes that are scattered through Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, which were considered by the Mayans to be “windows to the underworlds,” inhabited by gods and goddesses

Initially, the line will comprise of Blanco, Reposado and Añejo expressions. Cenote Tequila Blanco mellows for three weeks before bottling. Cenote’s Añejo expression is aged in single-use American oak bourbon barrels, while the Reposado is aged in French oak casks.

Cenote Tequila takes its name from the spectacular limestone cenotes that are scattered through Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, which were considered by the Mayans to be “windows to the underworlds,” inhabited by gods and goddesses.

New Stoli Gold

Also announced in Cannes, Stoli Gold is being relaunched to global markets, with new disruptive packaging design and a new recipe.

New Stoli Gold has disruptive packaging to go along with its luxury liquid

Stoli Gold is already performing strongly in the Middle East and travel retail channel; the new look is intended to create greater brand awareness among super-premium vodka drinkers and reposition Stoli Gold as a status-led luxury brand in existing markets while introducing the brand to new regions.

Originally conceived as Stolichnaya Cristall in 1989 to establish the new dimension of super-premium vodka, the new look Stoli Gold aims to become a breakthrough spirit in its category with a complete redesign of the bottle and label.

New features include:

  • Taller and more elegant bespoke bottle shape with added neck and bottom glass embossing
  • Metallic front label printed on both sides to reflect as a back label visible through the liquid (no back label)
  • Textured label finishes
  • Cork cap and tamper evidence with metallic neck label
  • Thick metal seal on the neck at the back side of the bottle

This “Single Estate Alpha Grade” spirit easily attains the Alpha Grade state standard, harnessing some of the world’s rarest elements to produce a sublimely rich vodka experience. While winter wheat is predominantly a dryland crop, the wheat destined for use in Stoli® Gold is carefully irrigated from an ecologically pure aquifer lying at a depth of 185m to ensure optimum soil moisture conditions and a high quality crop.

Price positioned between Stoli® Premium and elit®, Stoli® Gold is targeted at a sophisticated, leading-edge group of 21–39 year old professionals, with a core target of 28. They live in metropolitan areas and frequent bars, clubs, lounges and cocktail parties. They are intelligent and discerning, but also revel in thrill, intrigue and passion.

Stolichnaya 80th Anniversary

Finally, in Cannes Stoli announced the global launch of a new limited edition Stolichnaya 80th Anniversary vodka, introduced to celebrate the brand’s 80th anniversary. Bringing together three ingredients – wheat, rye and buckwheat – it combines notes of spicy aniseed, vanilla and crème caramel with a delicate texture, a rich sweetness and a light, dry finish.

At the heart of this unique vodka is wheat, delivering Stoli’s trademark purity and drinkability, with rye for complexity and buckwheat for unrivaled smoothness

Describing the launch, Stoli CEO Hugues Pietrini comments: “To celebrate our 80th Anniversary we set ourselves a challenge: could we create a limited edition vodka that combines this unsurpassed smoothness with a little of the character of a 1938 vodka? After countless distillations, we arrived at a winning liquid and a major innovation: Stolichnaya 80th Anniversary, a vodka made from wheat, rye and buckwheat.”

The decision to launch Stolichnaya 80th Anniversary Vodka at TFWA World Exhibition reflects the importance of the channel to the brand. Adds Pietrini: “Travellers are continuing to treat airport shopping as an opportunity to ‘trade up’ and to try something new and unique. Travel retail is the perfect environment for limited editions such as Stolichnaya 80th Anniversary Vodka and TFWA World Exhibition the perfect platform to showcase this highly original collector’s item.”

Stolichnaya 80th Anniversary Vodka is being released in limited quantities and is destined to become a collector’s item. It is presented with a unique bottle closure, a two-part front label printed on specially prepared craft paper and a unique presentation box. This extraordinarily smooth vodka is being released in limited quantities with a unique bottle design and exclusive presentation box.

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