November 7 2017  |  Confectionery & Fine Foods

NITR goes beyond pure indulgence with a sustainable message

By Claire Malcolm

For 2018, NITR has rejuvenated its premium GTR-exclusive Nestlé Swiss range with a new visual identity inspired by Switzerland’s natural beauty

Life without chocolate is certainly not something that Stewart Dryburgh, General Manager, Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR), ever contemplates, and with ‘permissible indulgence’ helping shape its 2018 novelties strategy, the global confectionery giant is speaking directly to today’s increasingly health-aware consumer.

“Indulgence is why people come to the category, because they want a treat. The permissibility factor comes with that whole awareness of making balanced choices in our diets and this fits with our NHW (nutrition, health and wellness) strategy. We believe that within a healthy diet there’s a place for sweet treats and a little indulgence,” he said.

Nestlé’s long-term commitment to sugar reduction and package resizing among other health driven initiatives, includes emphasis on considered portioning, so that consumers looking for that sweet treat can enjoy without over-indulging.

This degree of responsibility also speaks to sustainable sourcing and authenticity – two other key pillars for NITR.

KitKat’s ‘UK MADE’ stamp of provenance reinforces the brand’s British origins

The 2018 line-up of KitKat novelties revealed in Cannes, which included the new Millennials-targeted Senses range, also saw a reinforcement of the brand’s origins with a new ‘UK MADE’ stamp endorsing its British provenance, supported by POS materials showcasing English icons such as the red double-decker bus.

The Millennials-targeted Senses range comes in three flavors

Dryburgh commented: “We’ve got the story of a wonderful brand with a wonderful story and, at the same time, we're going out to the market with value-added innovation executed in a local way.”

Expert collaborations are also helping cement NITR’s future strategy, where brands like Smarties are benefiting from the insight of child behavior psychologists when it comes to innovations development.

“I don't believe that anybody else is bringing this kind of insight to the party and again, as a responsible manufacturer it's all about making sure we add value beyond just the permissible treat parameters,” he said.

“Parents really do appreciate this and through creative novelties like our new Smarties Creatorbook, which includes a 50-page content rich coloring book and 130g giant tube, we are stimulating imagination and engaging both kids and parents,” he added.

Rejuvenation of its premium GTR-exclusive Nestlé Swiss range with a new visual identity that draws inspiration from Switzerland’s rugged natural beauty is also a vehicle to draw attention to its quality positioning. Only 100% sustainably sourced cocoa and natural ingredients are used, with the chocolate conched for 24 hours for the ultimate in flavor delivery.

“Nestlé Swiss is fundamentally our Cinderella story. The product is a Mercedes but we were previously positioning it as a Seat, and so the rebranding has elevated it to where it belongs,” said Dryburgh.

Its 2018 GTR proposition includes the iconic 300g tablets along with the new 94-96g single flavor boxes containing 10 chunks (available in three flavors) and a 360g Chunks Tower format designed for gifting and sharing.

Commenting on the importance of NITR’s role as sustainable sourcing leaders in the industry, Dryburgh said” “These days there is a very important - and growing - group of consumers who want to know that the big organizations are doing what they should when it comes to sustainability and we’re very proud as an organization that KitKat was the very first global chocolate brand to be 100% sustainable under the Nestle Cocoa Plan.

“It’s incredibly rewarding when you see the positive community impact we’ve had in places like the Ivory Coast and Ghana, where we’ve funded 42 schools. And we’re also doing similar things in other categories. For example, there’s a milk distribution company in Moga, Northern India, where we’ve been investing in helping local farmers improve the health of their cows through veterinary support since the late ‘60s. It’s a win-win-win scenario across the entire supply chain.”

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