Almahdi Sweets branches out into global travel retail with Arabic sweets


Israeli confectionery company, Almahdi Sweets, is launching its selection of Arabic authentic sweets and conserves into global travel retail to meet the growing interest in gourmet food within the channel. The company sees travel retail as a stepping-stone to developing new domestic markets overseas, offering a range that is believes is perfect for premium and unique gifting.

With 70 years of baking history, the family based company was founded just two years ago, and has already achieved impressive sales of over $1m. Now considered the preferred supplier for many Israeli hotels, gourmet restaurants, caterers, high quality delis and upmarket supermarkets, Almahdi sweets believes it is now in a position to take its reputation for quality and innovation overseas.

Based in Old Nazareth, Almahdi Sweets has crafted three generations of passion into every delicious sweet; uncompromisingly made with the finest quality ingredients. Produced in small portion sizes (1cmX1cm or 2cmX2cm) using natural healthy ingredients and less sugar than other brands, Almahdi Sweets is positioning its product line as a different and healthy alternative to sugar and chocolate confectionery.

The Almahdi Sweets range includes:

Dry Sweets – A variety of dehydrated dough types are used to make Almahdi’s dry sweet range, including: golden brown and pearl white baklava and golden brown and pearl white Kadayif dough. Almahdi sweets creates over 30 shapes with a range of nutritious fillings including pistachio, cashew, peanut, pine nut,  and almonds using ghee butter and French butter. Long shelf life without the need for refrigeration makes Almahdi’s dry sweets perfect for travel retail.

Baklava – Baklava is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts, sweetened and held together with syrup or honey. Available in small, exquisitely shaped pieces (1cmX1cm or 2cmX2cm) that highlight Almahdi’s patience and creativity, consumers can indulge in this diverse range guilt-free.

Cookies and biscuits –Made from flour, semolina or black cumin, butter milk, medjoul dates, sesame, honey, walnuts, cinnamon and spices and pistachio; natural ingredients are always used rather than substitutes.

All of Almahdi’s sweets products contain unique health benefits and are enriched and baked with ghee butter, an essential superfood. Fillings include cashews, almonds, pistachio, pine nuts, and walnuts, all of which are extremely nutritious and beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.

The long shelf life and portability factor of Almahdi sweets make the brand perfect for travel retail. Says Mahdi Arslan the founder and CEO: “Travllers the world over are looking for new, innovative, high quality products. Fine foods and confectionery is a growing category – a universal gift, ideal for impulse purchasing, with global appeal to all ages. With a long shelf life of at least 12 months Almahdi Sweets are ideal for travel retail, offering a superb range in sizes to suit all purchasing needs from gifts to self-treat. Our flexibility allows us to create bespoke packaging for retailers on the ground, inflight, in cruise ships or in border shops.”

Keen to invest in developing the business, Arslan says it will support listings with promotional tastings that “are a sure way to achieve sales”. Initially, Almahdi sweets will focus on airport stores, but will eventually cross over onto ferries, inflight and possibly border stores. “We would be very happy to hear from any agents or distributors who may be able to work with us in specific regional markets,” continues Arslan “We’re also looking at the opportunities to present our products to buyers at industry events, as we know the value of exhibitions and conferences as a platform for show-casing our offer and building awareness of the brand.”

While products of this nature are historically considered ‘regional delicacies’, Almahdi Sweets is insistent that its range has broad consumer appeal. “We’re looking at packaging that presents our products in a far more international light – these are tasty, indulgent, and healthy sweets that can be enjoyed wherever consumers find themselves – not just if they happen to visit Israel,” adds Arslan