Anthon Berg launches a generous promotion at Copenhagen Airport

Anthon Berg has introduced a new offer called ‘Get a free delicious chocolate upgrade here’ at Copenhagen Airport, which began this month.  The sign sits above the 'The Anthon Berg Generous Chocolate Upgrader' promotion area. Anthon Berg will be rolling out this new type of promotion in the Nordic region in travel retail this fall and on a global scale from 2014.

'The Anthon Berg Generous Chocolate Upgrader' provides an opportunity for the travelers to get a free chocolate upgrade from Anthon Berg if they have been assigned a bad seat on the plane.  The Generous Upgrade is a stand in a promotion area with an Anthon Berg stewardess present to assist travelers with scanning their boarding cards, which will reveal the type of upgrade their seat has earned them. The level of upgrade is based on information from the boarding card and from the Seatguru database—a service offered by Tripadvisor. The traveler will be informed about the state of their specific seat and with what level of generosity Anthon Berg will compensate.

 At the Generous Upgrade stand an Anthon Berg stewardess scans boarding cards to reveal the type of upgrade travelers’ seats have earned them

The upgrades come in the form of chocolates or Anthon Berg-branded neck pillows and eye masks if the seat is not one of the best on the plane. An Anthon Berg stewardess brings specific goodie bags corresponding to the state of the seat.


"'The Anthon Berg Generous Chocolate Upgrader' promotion will be taking ownership of the Anthon Berg Generosity brand universe and is a promotion that is never before seen,” said Peter Dige, Travel Retail Director. “It is sure to stand out with a generous amount of product awareness and unique personalized consumer involvement. As well as it is bound to create a social media buzz.”


Dige added that this promotion can work alone as a branding promotion as well as an in-store promotion to drive sales. “We are excited to introduce this promotion to our customers, and believe it will be a grand success," he said.