TripAdvisor begins new era as travel retailer


Raleigh-Durham International Airport is overhauling its retail, food and beverage in the next two yearsTripAdvisor marks a new beginning as a retailer and as part of a new era at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, in partnership with Paradies Lagardère, which operates 850 stores and restaurants in nearly 100 airports.

This new TripAdvisor store is part of an overhaul of retail shops in Terminal 2 at the airport, and would open in summer 2018. Within the next few years new restaurants and shops will be open at Raleigh-Durham International Airport’s Terminal 2, including jewelry store Swarovski, clothing retailer Vineyard Vines and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. Last month the Raleigh-Durham International Airport Authority approved 10-year leases for 15 new stores.

TripAdvisor is an extremely well known site and brand, and one of the first places people go to find reviews and words of wisdom when traveling. Over time it also became a hub for booking hotels, and also acquired a number of travel and food/beverage associated sites.

TripAdvisor has offered items for sale on its own site’s store but has yet to announce what it will sell in its airport store. On the site, the company offers a number of different travel-related items, some branded and others not. The store at Raleigh-Durham is expected to offer travel gear, touch-screens for the browsing of vacation spots and perhaps hotels and an interactive wall.

The other stores are expected to open between March and July of 2018, and will be a combination of well-known national and international brands and local names, to bring a sense of place. The local stores include Root & Branch, a gift shop featuring local products, including the work of local artists. This local offering is a joint venture between Las Vegas-based Marshall Retail Group, Raleigh-based Deco Raleigh and Wilmington’s Edge of Urge.

“I think the consumers will really, really like what this new retail program actually looks like,” said Michael Landguth, RDU’s president and CEO. “Some of the amenities that they’ve actually got ... are some of the concepts that we have seen all across the country that we really wanted in the airport.”

After the airport finishes its overhaul of retail next year, it will tackle food and beverage.

Other stores opening in Spring/Summer next year include

▪ City Market News, offering locally branded merchandise as well as travel staples

▪ No Boundaries, selling active wear targeted at the adventure sports enthusiast

▪ Corsa Collections, selling Brighton accessories and other travel items

▪ 5th and Sunset, a sunglasses and watch accessories shop