Two new shops set to open at Cancun International Airport

¡Ay Güey! store in the Terminal Three extension at the Cancun International Airport.

Travelers flying in or out of Cancun will have the opportunity to visit two new shops that are scheduled to open this month in the Terminal Three extension at the Cancun International Airport.

The stores, ¡Ay Güey! and Cuadra, both promoting Mexican culture and traditions in their respective ways, will enhance travelers’ shopping experience, according to representatives of Aeropuertos del Sur (ASUR), the parent organization for nine airports in Southeast Mexico.

ASUR Chief Commercial Officer Manuel Gutiérrez Sola told The Americas Duty Free & Travel Retailing that both chains have a presence in other Mexican airports and are gaining recognition as international brands. 

“We also have seen how Mexicans and foreigners enjoy ¡Ay Güey! and Cuadra products because they offer different concepts and new proposals based on Mexican culture,” said Gutiérrez Sola. “These are important ingredients for our mix.”

 ¡Ay Güey!, created by entrepreneur Miguel Angel Rodríguez defines itself as a brand with a high quality souvenir concept that aims to inspire love for Mexico, according to CEO Miguel Angel Rodriguez. Rodriguez said he thought it was time to show another kind of souvenir made with high quality materials that can capture the Mexican essence.

Cuadra store in Terminal Three extension

Our brand promotes Mexican culture,” he said, emphasizing its focus on the “rescue so many beautiful (types of) Mexican art such as artisanal embroidery patterns and all kind of Mexican handicraft work that give us inspiration to create pieces based in our traditions but from a modern point of view without losing the Mexican DNA.”

In addition to the new store, ¡Ay Güey! already has a presence at the Cancun International Airport with one other shop and two kiosks.

The Cuadra store in the Terminal 3 extension marks the brand’s debut in the Cancun International Airport.

Cuadra, a Mexican brand focused on leather goods, was created by two brothers, looking to develop products that emphasize the use of high quality materials and state-of-the art technology, with selected exotic leathers and handmade boots.

“The styles that each collection offers are designed for both men and women, whether casual, sport or formal, but always with its hallmark of genuine tradition,” said Franco Cuadra, company CEO.

The brand now offers additional items such a line of clothes, shoes and accessories.

 ¡Ay Güey!  has numerous stores throughout Mexico, as well as in Los Angeles in the United States.  Cuadra also has numerous shops in Mexico, and also has shops in San Diego and Las Vegas in the United States.

In addition to Cancun, ASUR, or Aeropuertos del Sur, operates eight other airports in the southeast region of Mexico: Cozumel, Huatulco, Mérida, Minatitlan, Oaxaca, Tapachula, Veracruz and Villahermosa.