Pittsburgh Airport instals self-service book kiosk

Arcadia Publishing has launched its first self-service book kiosk in Pittsburgh International Airport.

Richard Joseph, Owner and CEO of South Carolina-based Arcadia Publishing, said the machine allowed the company to sell directly to consumers in a new and innovative way. 

The kiosk has the capacity for dozens of facings, and each one is filled with a Pittsburgh-area title. Each pocket holds four copies, for a total of 150-200 copies when the machine is fully loaded.

Initial titles include African Americans of Pittsburgh, Kaufmann’s: The Big Store in Pittsburgh, The Pittsburgh Pirates, Forgotten Tales of Pittsburgh and The Decade.

Arcadia Publishing chose Signifi machines for its expansion into airports across the US.

“The Signifi machines are aesthetically well designed, which is critical for our brand,” said Joseph. “Signifi is passionate about automated retailing, and it is refreshing to work with a team committed to helping their clients succeed. Every aspect from the kick-off to the deployment was handled professionally with excellence.” 

The kiosk is placed in a prime position in the airport’s Center Core retail area.

Jack Joseph, E-Commerce Manager, said customers could use the touchscreen display to browse and conduct a transaction. He added that the product page for each book features a preview function so users can get a feel for the content of a book before making a purchase. 

Richard Joseph added: “We are excited to see the results of this new approach to direct-to-consumer bookselling, and if the project is successful, we will seek to roll it out to additional locations.”