m1nd-set and Travel Retail Training forge ASSERTive partnership

TRT Managing Director Christine Martin believes employee engagement is intrinsically linked to productivity

Two leading organizations in the world of research and people development, m1nd-Set and Travel Retail Training, have forged a partnership to provide the industry with a new, data-driven employee engagement program. 

ASSERT (Alliance for Sales Staff Engagement, Research & Training) will enable organizations to identify the ‘loci’ of sales professionals’ engagement (with whom, what, why, where and to what degree) through m1nd-set’s research and analysis. Working from the analysis, TRT will work with organizations to address issues such as knowledge and skills shortfalls, internal communication and/or performance management. 

TRT Managing Director Christine Martin believes employee engagement is intrinsically linked to productivity. “We know that engaged and happy sales professionals drive better results, not only through their sales performance but overall. They have fewer sick days, take fewer breaks and they motivate other team members more, so it’s a virtuous circle. They also have around 60% more satisfied customers and drive around 25% more sales than other team members,” she said. 

m1nd-set owner & CEO Peter Mohn’s global client research has flagged up the direct impact engaged sales advisors have on sales

m1nd-set owner & CEO Peter Mohn added: “Around six out of 10 shoppers globally interact with the sales professionals and in two thirds of the cases, this leads to a positive outcome and closes the sale. This only happens when sales teams are motivated and engaged.”

Commenting on the partnership, TRT’s Martin continued: “By working with m1nd-set it will enable us to bring a more scientific approach to our existing training and employee engagement programs. Our complementary approach will bring more value to our respective services and of course to the end customer.”

Mohn added: “We have long been advocating the need for better engaged and empowered sales professionals, as time and time again our global client research flags up the direct impact engaged sales advisors have on sales. Once the specific areas which are preventing a high degree of engagement have been addressed by TRT, the second wave of the research demonstrates whether these have been dealt with correctly and the evolution of the sales professionals’ engagement level.

Martin and Mohn will be co-presenting during the forthcoming IAADFS educational program, where they will be discussing how to leverage employee engagement, previewing elements from their ASSERT scheme. Their presentation will also focus on how to use social media more effectively and attract millennial shoppers.