FDFA Strategic Convention Committee decides next steps

Tania Lee, FDFA’s Strategic Convention Committee Chair, presented the Committee’s proposal for a newly created FDFA Convention format beginning in 2018

Since the IAADFS and ASUTIL announcement that the two associations will be joining forces with FDFA for the Summit of the Americas beginning in 2018, eliminating the regular ASUTIL convention, all eyes have been on FDFA, wondering whether the Canadian convention would continue to take place.

The FDFA Operator Semi-Annual Meeting recently took place in Mississauga, Ontario. During this meeting, the FDFA’s Strategic Convention Committee Chair, Tania Lee, presented the Committee’s proposal for a newly created FDFA Convention format beginning in 2018.“This newly developed format would adhere to the Committee’s mandate to add more value to each and every member at our conventions with considerations of more cost savings, better quality convention meetings, increased time efficiencies, better operator/owner unity and increased quality networking opportunities. This presentation was received and approved by the operator membership in a unanimous agreement that this is the right approach for the duty free industry in Canada and the association’s membership,”

As part of this decision, it was unanimously agreed by the operator membership to host the November 2018 to 2020 FDFA Conventions at the beautiful King Edward Hotel in the heart of Toronto, ON.

The FDFA will send a detailed membership outline of the new convention format and hotel details later this year, and will be presenting more detailed information at the upcoming Canadian Duty Free Convention at the Westin Hotel in Montreal, November 12th-15th, 2017.

“The FDFA looks forward to seeing everyone in Montreal at the FDFA’s 32nd Annual Convention, as this is an important event to communicate the future of the FDFA and the positive direction this industry association is taking. The FDFA will continue to support at every level our duty free partners of the Americas and look forward to identifying more common synergies with our global and North American duty free family. We are very excited to share the plans and new convention structure with the membership!” says Laurie Karson, FDFA Executive Director.