DFWC zeros in on Economic Impact Study on TR in Americas


After meeting during last week’s IAADFS show in Orlando, the DFWC reported significant progress on the preparation of an Economic Impact Study on the importance of the duty free and travel retail industry in the Americas.

The value of such studies has been clearly demonstrated in Europe where a data-based economic report on the contribution of duty free and travel retail to employment, airport and maritime financing, and indeed the overall economy, has been well received by regulators and governments.

The Economic Impact Study on the Americas region will encompass North and Latin America and will cover the main sectors - airports, border shops and cruise ships.  Field work will be completed in Q2 and Q3 and the final report is expected to be published before the end of this year. Once completed and published, the study will be made available for consultation in the DFWC library, where the European Economic Impact Study can also be accessed, www.dfworldcouncil.com/data-resources

The council also reported progress on the work of the DFWC Academy where an industry wide consultation on draft Professional Standards for frontline retail staff is drawing to a close. The council expressed its appreciation to all of those who have participated in the survey and provided valuable comment. Details of the consultation process can be reviewed at http://dfworldcouncil.com/dfwc-academy-consultation/.

Discussions on the provision of a Professional Development Programme for management levels within the industry continue with a number of academic institutes.  The council agreed that the academy would proceed with the development of some initial online learning modules. 

The agreed DFWC Code of Conduct for the Sale of Alcohol Products in Duty Free & Travel Retail has been distributed across all regions and a register of the companies who have signed the code is being drawn up. The Council has also agreed to adopt the APTRA created training programme for the Responsible Retailing of Alcohol products called RRTP and, where necessary, to adapt the programme to the specific needs and requirements of their respective regions. The Council expressed its appreciation to APTRA for making this material available.