"Harmony in Motion" in Canadian Airports


The Canadian Airports Council’s newly launched digital media campaign is getting out a global message about what Canadian airports are doing to making passenger transit through Canada’s airports a better experience for all.

The CAC’s “Harmony in Motion” effort is going strong with the establishment of an online hub that includes a video and articles with infographics that tell the story of the Canadian airport system and its transformation over the past decades.   

The idea is to make people aware of the key role airports play in the Canadian economy and how “Harmony in Motion” at Canada’s airports makes everyone’s lives easier and more profitable, CAC President Daniel Robert Gooch said in a report filed for Airports Council International.

Canada’s airports were transferred from the government to local entities in the 1990s, and since then have invested $22 billion in their infrastructure, almost entirely from private funds, but with the input of local authorities, according to Gooch.

“Today Canada’s model is unique in the world,” Gooch said in earlier comments on the CAC website.  “We were ahead of the curve. The combination of private expertise with community-based boards is admired by jurisdictions around the globe.

“Think of all the links airports enable – trade links, business links, between communities in Canada and around the world,”  Gooch said. “Airports are truly Canada’s gateways to the world, connecting communities at home and abroad, Gooch said.”

The campaign appears to be working. According to Gooch, since the site launched, the video has received 215,000 views, which “far surpasses expectations.”

The CAC’s 51 members represent more than 100 airports, including the privately operated facilities of the National Airports System.

The most recent statistics show a significant increase in the number of people passing through Canadian airports -up 5.4% in the last year to more than 133 million passengers annually.