Royal Dragon Vodka: work of art at the Opera Gallery


Royal Dragon Vodka bottles are already works of art, brought to a whole new level by Pokras Lampas’ calligraphy

Royal Dragon Vodka bottles, already renowned for their striking design, have truly become works of art. The one-of-a-kind Royal Dragon Vodka Imperial Collection was exhibited at the “Open Your Eyes” art event of Russian calligraphy artist Pokras Lampas in the Opera Gallery Hong Kong recentlty. The unique features of the Royal Dragon Vodka bottles, combined with Pokras’ work, expressed a new level of creativity and excitement.

 “We are excited to provide our hand-blown bottles as a creative platform for the artist,” stated Michel Morren, Founder and President of Royal Dragon Vodka. Pokras had said, “I would like to let my creations integrate with the bottles, generating stunning effects for the sculpted dragon and floating gold leaves. This will turn them into extraordinary pieces of art.”

The customized 6-liter Imperial bottle was auctioned for US$8,900 (HKD 69,000) during the event at the Opera Gallery

Much like the amazing art of Pokras Lampas, Royal Dragon Vodka believes in the power of creativity and true craftsmanship. “There are no boundaries for combining fine taste,” says Morren. “We are always open to partnerships from different environments in order to break through boundaries while spreading the message for our ultra-premium vodka concept. These customized Imperial bottles evoke a unique sense of luxury and exclusivity.” The customized 6-liter Imperial bottle was auctioned for USD 8,900 (HKD 69,000) during the event at the Opera Gallery.