Dewar’s promotion takes flight at Frankfurt Airport

The attention-grabbing Dewar’s installation at Frankfurt Airport, featured a vapourized sampling experience that transformed the premium aged single malts within the blend into liquid vapour, aiming to intrigue the visual and scent senses

Bacardi Global Travel Retail has launched a radical interpretation of its John Dewar & Sons Fine Whisky Emporium in Frankfurt Airport in a campaign running throughout January. 

Bacardi has partnered with Gebr Heinemann to deliver a unique whisky experience, designed to attract millennial consumers with a disruptive and engaging campaign that brings to life the duality at the heart of Dewar’s blended Scotch whisky.

Originally founded in 1846 by John Dewar, it was his dynamic sons - John Alexander Dewar and Tommy Dewar - who made the brand an international success, founded on their two different passions.

John’s rational influence and his passion for over-engineered quality ensured the early introduction of double-ageing, embedding the importance of provenance and quality aged stock. 

Meanwhile, Tommy developed the emotional thinking behind the brand, cultivating its original personality with innovative marketing and renowned brand idioms, or ‘Dewarisms’. Tommy’s other passion in life was his prize-winning chickens.

This compelling mix of original attitude and over-engineering for quality was brought to life at Frankfurt Airport in an attention-grabbing installation, located on the main concourse to attract maximum footfall.

Tommy Dewar’s creative influence was expressed through several key features. Firstly, a vapourized sampling experience transformed the premium aged single malts within the blend into liquid vapour, aiming to intrigue the visual and scent senses.  

Tommy’s prize-winning chickens featured throughout the space, culminating in an open invitation to play a high-energy game of Chicken Bingo. Bingo numbers, representing the range of age statements in the whisky portfolio, were distributed for a chance to win prizes celebrating favorite Dewarisms, such as ‘the only thing you’ll find in a hurry is trouble’.

In Tommy’s Tattoo Parlour, consumers relaxed in the retro-style barber’s chair while temporary Dewar’s tattoos were applied. Polaroid camera photos provided an instant souvenir of their new sleeve.

In addition, giant plasma screens located after passport control featured visuals inviting passengers to the main activation area where they were entertained and then encouraged to visit the in-store Heinemann Duty Free activation. Here they could collect their bingo prize, sample whisky from an egg cup, or try the vapour sampling and have another go at Chicken Bingo.

Finally, shoppers were offered advice on the best bars to visit in Frankfurt to enjoy the Dewar’s portfolio.

Mike Birch, Managing Director, Bacardi Global Travel Retail, said he was delighted with the Frankfurt campaign: “The investment we have made in this campaign at Frankfurt demonstrates our passion and commitment to invigorating the whisky category. Dewar’s has great ambition and a unique offering - it is well positioned to drive excitement and interest from new shoppers, especially those who may think of whisky as an older person’s drink. We want to disrupt and challenge that thinking and this innovative activation experience will stop people of all ages in their tracks to explore the wonderful, eccentric world of Dewar’s and challenge their perceptions of the whisky category.”

Rüdiger Stelkens, Purchasing Director Liquor, Tobacco, Confectionery & Fine Food, Gebr Heinemann, added: “At Heinemann our passion is to set the bar high with new creativity that people will only find in our stores. We demand a lot from our suppliers and we’re delighted at how Dewar’s is delivering really exciting theatre here at Frankfurt Airport in a way that is radically different to typical airport activity. We are very encouraged to see how it is driving footfall to our stores and bringing a new approach, and consumers, into the whisky category.”