Capi steps up exclusive gifting opportunities


Gadgets, personal care products and travel exclusive items are among the most popular gifts at Capi stores worldwide

Capi, the leading airport retailer of consumer electronics, is promoting the gifting potential of electronics products for both men and women as an alternative to traditional presents.

Peter Wiggers, Managing Director, Royal Capi-Lux, pointed to the operator’s Gadget Table fixture as an example. “The Gadget Table is a prime example of how we inspire and surprise travelers searching for exciting gifts and gadgets. On this table customers will find unique and innovative gifts and gadgets like the flying propeller Flash Ball, the Fuji Instax Polaroid Camera and a Star Wars droid. With live demonstrations at The Gadget Table, travelers can experience the most exciting items in the Capi stores. 

“Besides new products, ‘Sweet Notes’ are now placed everywhere on this table; small personal messages to remind travelers to buy a present for their loved ones or business relations.” 

Personal care items also show strong gifting potential, according to Wiggers. Capi puts extra emphasis on personal care products such as Philips’ VisaPure Advanced and the Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush on its Action Marketing Tables. 

“These products are not only handy, but also perfectly suitable as gifts for both men and women,” he said. “Each year, Capi also organizes Chinese New Year campaigns with special promotions and Chinese-speaking hostesses. During these campaigns, the focus is again on personal care gifts and products that appeal to Chinese travelers.” 

In addition, Capi seeks to create added value for travelers by offering unique propositions. “Thanks to our close collaboration with suppliers, we are able to offer airport exclusive and Capi exclusive propositions to travelers,” continued Wiggers. “In this way, we offer them unique and valuable propositions they will not find in downtown retail.” 

For example, Capi and Philips recently co-developed a sleeve for the Philips DiamondClean toothbrush which made it a ready-to-offer present. Also, Capi and Nikon together created a Capi exclusive travel kit consisting of a camera, memory card and camera bag.

Wiggers added that Capi always sought to offer the latest innovations in its stores, often before they become available to the rest of the market. It was able to launch the new iPhone 7 simultaneously with the worldwide launch at the Apple stores and the introduction has been an immediate success, he said, noting that the Beats over-ear headphones were a popular addition to the iPhone 7, since they come in the same luxury colors. 

“Since our retail strategy and brand portfolio are internationally orientated, with a local touch for gadgets and gifts, we are able to expand our presence worldwide,” he said.