Cabeau collaborates with Scorpio on inflight deal


Using space-saving technology, Cabeau’s Air Evolution pillow offers a compact solution to finding comfort while traveling and allows consumers to pack light

Cabeau has partnered with inflight distributor Scorpio Worldwide to offer its travel products globally, beginning February 1, 2017.

The partnership will initially focus on the global distribution of Cabeau’s Air Evolution pillow. Using space-saving technology, the Air Evolution features an adjustable air core so consumers can inflate to their perfect level of firmness. Covered in soft velour and offering long-lasting head support, the practical pillow allows travelers to pack light, as it fits inside a can-sized travel case.

“As we continue to grow the global footprint of our brand, we are thrilled to make our products even more accessible with our new inflight option,” said David Sternlight, Founder and CEO of Cabeau. ”We are carefully building a loyal team of strategic partners who share in our vision to elevate the travel experience and found that with Scorpio.”

Ian Cowie, Managing Director, Scorpio Worldwide, said: “Cabeau’s pillows are completely unique from anything we have seen before, both in their quality of build and design, making them practical for the inflight channel. We enjoy working with brands that are dedicated to the travel retail industry, and it is clear from our early dealings with Cabeau that they most definitely are, therefore we are delighted to be working with them and assisting in helping Cabeau grow its inflight business.”

Following the initial launch with the Air Evolution pillow, Cabeau plans to add additional products to its inflight offerings.